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Aviation Insurance - State of the marketplace

Aviation Insurance market in 2008 is very soft as carriers are aggressively looking to build market share. Many new carriers have entered the market, Starr Aviation has been actively persuing business since Hank Greenberg left AIG in 2006, as well as Travelers Insurance entering the field. The important issue for the current market is for your broker to know the underwriting players and be able to negotiate the best terms and conditions for your aviation insurance needs. Many agents work with 1 to 3 carriers which is good and bad. The broker may feel as though they have established a strong relationship with their carriers and probable have, however, the more markets your broker has access to the better, for competitive purposes. At Premiere Coastal Insurance Group we focus on relatinships with client and carrier, as a result, we elect to leverage our relationship in the Aviation Insurance market by working Dean Anderson, National Director of Aviation of a well known national brokerage firm headquartered in Atlanta and his staff. Having acesss to all the players in the aviation marketplace rather than just a few markets, therefore we are able to look at all options for our clients with the confidence that we have exhauted all options for our clients. Premiere Coastal Insurance Group, know as PCIG, uses our affliation with Dean, to provide the best coverage, service and support to our clients aviation insurance needs. We look forward to opportunities to help newand existing clients in the future. You can contact me at or 912.239.9477

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