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Replacement Cost vs. Market Value- The Great Debate 2009

Written on July 21, 2009

Very interesting times for us all at this moment. The Economy continues to struggle to find a rebound. The Stock market is up and down each week. where do we go from here. My great concern for our clients and future customers is carrying the proper insurance on the one of 2 of their largest possessions, their home. the sale price of homes has continuously dropped over the past 12 months, and maybe finally stabilized. Read more of this post…

Aviation Insurance - State of the marketplace

Written on August 6, 2008

Aviation Insurance market in 2008 is very soft as carriers are aggressively looking to build market share. Many new carriers have entered the market, Starr Aviation has been actively persuing business since Hank Greenberg left AIG in 2006, as well as Travelers Insurance entering the field. Read more of this post…

Automobile Liability - protect yourself overseas

Written on March 21, 2008

You have planned that trip to Mexico, England, or the Greek Isles for over a year now. its going to be the trip of a lifetime, right? Wrong, you rent an automobile and the first day of vacation you have a accident in a foreign country. What happens now? How am I coverd by my insurance back state side, or did I take the coverage offered by the rental carrier? Read more of this post…

Umbrella coverage to protect yourself

Written on March 11, 2008

Umbrella coverage is a part of the insurance industry that is often times overlooked. The New York Times touches on this subject and makes some very important points in this article. Enjoy the article and if you have any questions about what we can offer in this area feel free to give me (Rob) or Cathy a call.

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